ProFusion Presentations

Tethering Solutions on Location

Presented by: Giancarlo Pawelec
Wednesday 13 | 4:30pm-5:15pm - Stage C

Seminar Overview

Have you ever wanted to get out of the studio and on location, with a tethered style workflow, so you can view and optimize your images, and are sure you have the shot you need? Giancarlo & friends will walk you through a live demonstration of how to get the most out of tethered photo shooting. Including setting up a workstation tethered wirelessly on location, with portable location power.

About Giancarlo Pawelec

I began my self-taught career two decades ago with automotive editorials before moving into portrait (fashion/beauty) and commercial work. My signature style is described as blending an edgy feel with vibrant colours. I firmly believe that unbounded creativity is often the result of working closely with my clients and collaboratively with my team. I'm grateful to have clientele that include magazines, publishing houses, agencies, fashion-beauty brands, non-profit organizations, corporate executives, and even celebrities. When I'm not behind the camera and have spare time, I'm usually found at automotive events, race tracks on weekends, or at home enjoying a delicious glass of scotch. Let's not forget my love of food and that I probably make the best grilled cheese sandwich in the city - no joke!

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