Join us on October 5th and 6th in Toronto at the MTCC

Freeze Time with Profoto!

Miguel will be shooting throughout the day - so drop in for an amazing session. This could easily be the run-away highlight of this year's ProFusion expo, and the product demo everyone will be talking about. In one hand, you have one of Canada's hottest fashion photographers in Miguel Jacob, showcasing two of the most incredible new off-camera flashes from Profoto, the D2 and Pro-10. In Miguel's hand you have him holding the world's ultimate camera, the Phase One XF 100MP camera system. To that scenario, just add water along with a stunning live model. And what you have is magic in the making.

How fast are they? To demonstrate the blindingly-fast recycle speed of the D2 and Pro-10, Miguel will also shoot with the Canon 1DX Mark II, the world’s fastest camera.

Shot with the New D2 and Pro-10

Presented Miguel Jacob

Born and raised in Lima, Peru, now based in Toronto, Miguel Jacob is one of Canada's hottest lensman. His portfolio includes high profile clients like FLARE magazine, The Bay, Sears, Universal Records and Warner Bros., and he has photographed high-profile celebrities including Michael Buble, Jay Manuel, and Alexa Chung. He has been an avid and loyal Profoto user since 2005 and is now the PPC trainer for Canada.

Live Shoot with Miguel Jacob

Register to win at Profoto Live Shoot with Miguel Jacob - Profusion by Vistek, Phase One

Speed Redefined!
Profoto is proud to introduce you ground breaking new Profoto products : Pro 10 and D2

Profoto Canada is partnering up with PhaseOne and Vistek for this unique 2-day live shoot at ProFusion 2016. No stranger to ProFusion, Miguel Jacob will once again show the crowds why he's one of our most popular demonstrators. Miguel will be taking up residence in the Profoto booth once again, sharing his extensive knowledge on how to shoot fashion. Watch as he takes you step by step through the process, using latest Profoto lights such as Pro 10 and D2, Phase One XF camera, a live model.


How To Win Prizes

  1. Follow Profoto on Twitter and Instagram.
    Twitter : Profoto_Canada
    Instagram : Profoto_Canada
  2. Sign up and register via Eventbrite and bring your ticket (mobile or paper) to the Profusion and visit our booth (Profoto and PhaseOne). You must attend at least 1 of Photoshoot by Miguel Jacob. We will give away Profoto key chains to first 100 attendees.
  3. During the photo shoot, tag us with the most creative behind-the scene images that describes "Speed" during the shoot. hashtag: #PFxProfotoCA, #PFxPhaseOne, #ProFusionExpo
  4. The winners will be announced on October 6th at 3PM at the Profoto/PhaseOne booth (2039)


  • Grand Prize
    1 x Profoto D1 basic kit 250/250 Air Kit ($2970 value)
  • Other Prizes
    5 x $50 Vistek rental gift certificates, sponsored by Vistek
    8 x CaptureOne Pro Licenses, sponsored by PhaseOne
    10 X Leatherman's Tool, sponsored by Profoto Canada
    1 x OCF Beauty Dish White, sponsored by Profoto Canada
    1 X Umbrella Deep Silver M, sponsored by Profoto Canada
    1 x RFi Softbox, sponsored by Profoto Canada

Check out the latest revolutionary products from Profoto! See them along with the incredible Phase One XF 100 in action!

Exotic Travels, Personal Journeys
Profoto D2 Always up to speed

For a photographer, every new day is a new challenge. And no matter what that day brings in terms of available light, it must always end the same way - with a great shot. The D2 packs enough of a punch to overpower the available light in almost any situation. With flash durations up to 1/63,000s, you can freeze a splash of water in mid-air. With up to 20 flashes per second, you can capture 20 mid-air exposures of someone jumping. Everything is possible with the incredible D2 AirTTL and High-Speed Sync (HSS), enabling you to shoot with shutter speeds up to 1/8,000 of a second. No matter what you're shooting, you'll deliver every time. Because with the D2, you're always up to speed.

Remote Flashes: Lighting on Location
Pro-10 The world's fastest flash

Occasionally, something comes along that changes everything, opening new doors to creative possibilities that were previously out of reach. Introducing the Profoto Pro-10 - the perfect fusion of breathtaking speed and incredible power. Having the ability to freeze a moment captured at 1/80,000 of a second makes it quite literally the fastest flash ever made. But the real magic of the Pro-10 is the power to also generate enormous light output in the blink of an eye. As a result, you can capture everything from a splash of water to a waterfall - frozen perfectly in time. The Pro-10 can easily match the fastest cameras even when the light output is set high, making it easier to capture the perfect moment by shooting in bursts. Ultimately, the Pro-10 is so much more than the world's fastest studio flash - it's your imagination set free.

The XF 100MP - The Ultimate Camera System


When only the very, very, very, very best will do! The Phase One XF 100MP Camera System delivers an unparalleled 15 stops of dynamic range, retaining unmatched detail in both highlights and shadows. This is the highest performing system in terms of dynamic range that the medium format world has to offer. The Phase One XF 100MP Camera System is engineered to provide the detail and unmatched quality, demanded by the world's leading photographers.

What people say About us

  • I've done far too many dealer trade shows over the past 20+ years, but I've done enough of them to know what a tremendous effort it requires to do one properly. You and your team have done it properly. It was organized with surgical precision, and we had plenty of help when we needed it. Thank you for your efforts and your support. I am looking forward to the mutual benefit ProFusion will bring us both.

    Len Donovan

    Key Accounts Manager NE and SE, Camera Dynamics, Inc.,The Vitec Group Videocom Division
  • I can honestly say I think it was probably the best run show that I have ever been involved with. We also had some fantastic interest in our product and sold out the show stock several times which was phenomenal for us.

    Rod Aaron Director, Rotolight, Pinewood Studios

  • I have received about 20 letters from students who took one of my programs and all of them were extremely positive. The entire experience was exceptional and you can definitely count me in again for next year.

    Seth Resnick Seminar presenter and photographer