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Wednesday November 11th, 11am to 7pm Thursday November 12th, 10am to 5pm

Meet Your Presenters for 2018

Ryan Wang


Join Mag-Z’s Ryan Wang on the ProFusion Expo Main Stage as he showcases the ATOM Motion Control Arm, through an intimate live operational demonstration and power point stage presentation.

Ryan Wang graduated Ryerson University with a BFA. As an established Director of Photography, he has worked on many major and indie budget productions in the Asian Film Market for such notable luminaries as Jackie Chan, Chris Woo and Archie Kao. Seeing that motion control can often be complicated, time consuming and expensive, Ryan conceived and launched MAG-Z with all productions in mind. He and his partner in China designed the ground-breaking ATOM to make motion control more enjoyable and affordable for all DP's, Directors and brands.

Joe Sliger


Explore the aspects of Adobe Photoshop and lightroom that are only available to pen users. See first hand how these tools can help you appreciate and control the nuance and subtleties that take an image from what the camera captured to what your heart felt when you pressed the button. Learn how to selectively enhance your photography to evoke the emotions and convey the story your audience needs to feel.

Joe Sliger been a trainer for Wacom for more than a decade. He may not know everything, but his love for helping people discover and learn has exposed him to his own preconceptions and assumptions.

Wes Maggio

Tether Tools

Whether you are a new photographer or a seasoned veteran, tethered photography can open up a new world of creative ideas, new workflows and a new style of photography for you. In this session attendees will learn the benefits of tethered photography and what it takes to get started. (It's actually quite simple!) Specifically, we will cover:
- Types of tethered photography
- Making the connection: between camera, computer and tablets
- Capturing images - Software options
And in the process, attendees will pick up loads of tips and techniques for tethered success!

Wes Maggio is the Director of Business Development for the leading manufacturer of products for photographers that shoot tethered, Tether Tools. In addition to his work at Tether Tools, Wes is the principal photographer and owner of Weston Images, where he specializes in youth sports and sports portraiture.

Justin Van Leeuwen


You don’t need the biggest, most powerful lights to create beautiful studio-quality portraits. A few battery packs can work just as well in a controlled environment or on-location. See how the Elinchrom ELB 500 TTL can work with Elinchrom’s vast array of light modifiers to create stunning portraiture anywhere you go.

Justin Van Leeuwen is a commercial photographer based out of Ottawa. His portraits are usually taken for corporate headshots, online portfolios, as well as editorial use. He's been working with Elinchrom lights since the first iteration of the Quadra and is proud to be an Elinchrom Ambassador today.

Peter Baumgarten


By Path or Paddle - Photographing the Natural World: The great outdoors offers some amazing photo opportunities. Paddle and hike along with Peter Baumgarten, Olympus Visionary as he discusses the challenges and joys of outdoor photography, including tips and techniques to improve your landscape, macro, and wildlife photography.
The Wonders of the Night Sky - A Journey of Photographic Discovery: The night sky holds fascination for many people. Join Peter Baumgarten, professional photographer and Olympus Visionary as he discusses how he became an 'accidental astrophotographer' and how his passion for photographing the night sky has grown. A number of tips and techniques will be shared that will help improve your own night sky images

Peter is a professional photographer and educator living on Manitoulin Island in Northern Ontario. He regularly leads photography courses and workshops for novice and enthusiast photographers and travels across North America as an Olympus Visionary providing lectures and seminars on landscape, wildlife, and astrophotography.

Jason Druss


What’s New In DaVinci Resolve 15

Jason Druss is a Product Specialist at Blackmagic Design, as well as a colorist + finishing artist. At BMD, Jason helps post production facilities, studios and networks stay up to date with the latest features and workflows available in Davinci Resolve, as well as other innovative Blackmagic Design products. Jason is a regular colorist at NFL Films, and has graded segments for The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, Hershey Park, Lincoln Financial Group, and the Philadelphia Flyers.

Yifei Zhao

Altex UAV Technologies

Presenter YiFei Zhao will discuss the various aspects for safe & legal operations for your UAV/drone including: current Transport Canada rules & regulations, the path to becoming a professional/commercial operator, how to safely travel with your UAV/drone and more!

Operations Director at AlteX UAV Technologies (Formerly NTFG), UAV Program Lead at Humber College Media and IT Studies Member of Unmanned Systems Canada Member of IATSE Local 667 - UAV Department.

Don Komarechka


Don Komarechka will be showcasing some of his renowned macro techniques that have earned him accolades across North America. Don is best known for his snowflake series, but he also creates magic with water droplet refractions, UV and IR lighting and lately he has delved into X-ray photography! Drop by the Panasonic booth to see how his innovative ideas coupled with Lumix gear are creating macro magic.

Don Komarechka is a nature, macro and landscape photographer located in Barrie, Ontario. From auroras to pollen, insects to infrared, much of Don's photographic adventures reveal a deeper understanding of how the universe works. Exploring the world that we cannot see with our own eyes has been a common thread in Don's career as a professional photographer. Always science-minded but never formally trained, Don uses photography as a way to explore and understand the world around him. Photographing something unusual or unknown is the perfect excuse to learn something new. Don's work often pushes up against the technical limitations of modern camera equipment and the physical limitations of light itself.

Billie Chiasson


Everyone needs to know more about using soft continuous lighting for beauty, commercial and portrait photography. Photographer, Billie Chiasson, will walk you through live lighting demonstrations and show you how to create beautiful lighting situations using the flexibility and ease of the new LEDGO V2.0 Versatile lighting. After taking part, you will have a better understanding going forward of use of continuous light with still photography and the unique abilities of the LEDGO Versatiles to create beautiful work for both yourself and your clients

Billie Chiasson is a Portraiture and Fashion Photographer located out of Toronto. Billie's style is unique and is often described as nothing less than "beautiful". Billie has been shooting for over 10 years and has several publications under her belt. She has also been very involved in seminars & workshops throughout Canada.

Aaron A (Bertrand)


Aaron will talk about shooting the "Scars to Your Beautiful" video along with other music videos and short films using Canon Cinema EOS products

Aaron A was born and raised in Toronto. At a young age, he was attracted to skateboard and snowboard videos which utilized a DIY filmmaking approach ultimately carving out a lane in pop culture today. Through this early influence, he picked up a camera at 20 and never looked back. From then on he began his career shooting tour content and early days of youtube vlogs for Nelly Furtado. But ultimately his goal was to create music videos and was given the opportunity to direct Nelly Furtado's "Do It" music video and thus start his career as an award-winning music video & commercial director. His videos have garnered hundreds of millions of views online all while staying true to his roots of DIY filmmaking approach and use using Canon EOS cameras and lenses which he last used in his award-winning video for Alessia Cara "Scars To Your Beautiful".

Jesse Driftwood


Jesse will talk about his process when creating killer IG stories and how to work/collaborate with brands when creating social content for them. He'll share his experiences using Canon gear for his Instagram and Youtube channels, along with his first impressions using the all-new EOS R camera

Jesse Driftwood (@jessedriftwood) is photographer and filmmaker who got his big break when he started creating over-the-top Instagram stories that caught the attention of YouTubers like Devin Supertramp & Peter McKinnon. Now you can watch Jesse working with brands like Volvo and Onewheel on his Instagram & YouTube channels.

Viktoria Haack


Viktoria's work covers the fields of landscape, portrait, wedding, event, promotion, editorial, stock and photography education. The diversity of her work allows cross pollination of skills and experiences between these different photographic genres and allows her to stay creative and excited about the projects she undertakes. She loves nothing more than sharing her passion for photography in an educational role -- whether that is over a cup of coffee and a chat or on a multi-day back country workshop.

Jessica Kobeissi


Jessica will speak about her experiences as a photographer using Canon gear and her rise to being one of the biggest Youtubers teaching tricks of the photography-trade

Jessica Kobeissi is a self taught photographer and youtuber from Detroit, Michigan who took up photography as a hobby and quickly developed an obsession with it. After graduating college Jessica created a youtube channel and began posting editing tutorials to help other creatives. Jessica is currently both a full-time photographer and youtuber.

John Walrath


Join John Walrath, Datacolor’s Imaging Training & Technical Support Manager, for a look at a color managed workflow to help you make your best prints. He will share strategies and best practices for color management, accurate display calibration, printer calibration and the printing process. John will use several examples of his own work to demonstrate these principles that will help you share your vision with others through print. Products that will be covered are Spyder5 display calibrators and the SpyderPRINT printer profiler. There will be a chance for Q&A after the presentation or you can visit Datacolor at booth #2510

John Walrath is Datacolor's Imaging Training & Technical Support Manager and an accomplished photographer. He earned his BFA in Interior Architecture and in 2010 sold a successful company to pursue a career as a professional photographer. Leveraging his training in Interior Architecture and passion for photography, John became a sought after Interiors photographer for Builders, Ad Agencies and Interior Designers in Central Virginia. Since joining the Datacolor team in 2013, he has been an educational resource for photographers and videographers who want to improve their work through Color Management.

David Anthony Williams


The greatest challenge to us is to remain creative. We don’t always have the room, the props, or the budget necessary to bring these ideas to life. We are also challenged by the flatness of the backgrounds we shoot against. David will demonstrate a few techniques to change that whilst keeping in mind versatility and variety. Making elegant family groups efficiently and quickly will not only endear you to parents – but make them strong, extremely effective advocates for your business. It will also impress future potential clients, who have witnessed the brush-off approach at other weddings from photographers who don’t care enough. Learn simple, effective prompts to bring control to a sometimes chaotic event. Become familiar with the process of quickly ascertaining who will be placed where and why. Subjects covered include: how to use simple placements of chairs to aid the process, how to light the group, and aiming for ‘elegant yet relaxed’. David will demonstrate using a number of volunteers from the audience how to quickly assemble a group with style

David has a history of over 35 years in state, national and international judging, in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Canada and the USA. He panel-chairs the 'Premier Category' for first time entrants at WPPI to great acclaim from participants due to its total emphasis on education and helpful, positive feedback. He has lectured to professionals in Asia, New Zealand, Australia, UK, Ireland, Canada and the USA.

Kristian Bogner


Kristian Bogner is a 3rd generation pro photographer, Nikon Canada Ambassador, speaker, and 3-time Photographer of the Year for Canada. He is also a Broncolor Canada Ambassador, Manfrotto Pro Photographer and Lowepro Storyteller. Kristian's abilities take him from shooting the Olympics and extreme sports to fashion, architecture, aircrafts, landscapes and expeditions across the globe. Find out more at

Miguel Jacob


Mastering light is an essential skill for all photographers. Much like an artist paints with his or her brushes, photographers use light shaping tools to do the same. In this demonstration, you will learn some of Miguel’s advanced light shaping techniques that he uses in his fashion photography to make his work stand out. He will show you how to combine a wide array of light shaping tools including grids, barndoors, and gobos in creative ways. If you want to learn how to control light in creative ways, you will not want to miss this presentation!

Miguel Jacob is a Fashion Photographer and Educator with a knack for creating cool and sophisticated images in which light plays a central role. In addition to his editorial and advertising work for clients such as Flare, Bullett, Nylon, The Bay, Sears, Beringer Winery and Universal Records, he has photographed many celebrities including Michael Bublé, Jay Manuel, Lisa Ray and Alexa Chung. Miguel has won several awards for his photography including the Best Magazine Cover of model Coco Rocha at the prestigious P & G Beauty Awards and has made several TV appearances including being a guest photographer in America's Next Top Model. Miguel is also a Profoto ambassador, the Educational Manager at Profoto Academy and teaches portraiture and fashion photography at Sheridan College.

Raph Nogal


Utilizing Profoto’s latest offering, the Profoto B10, Raph will take you through his thought process when photographing portraits in a small space. Raph will show you the infinite possibilities when you use off-camera flash and Profoto’s light shaping tools to create images that your clients will love. Together we will explore the “Power of Small”.

Raph Nogal is a professional wedding photographer based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Raph's style can be best described as a fusion between photojournalism and art-focused editorial photography. Best known for his creative off-camera lighting approach, Raph is an active photographer, educator and proud ambassador of Profoto Canada. As a 21-time recipient of WPPI Honours of Excellence Awards, Raph is also a Fearless Photographers Awards Winner, as well as a PPOC Award Winner and Loan Collection participant in National and Regional Image Salons.

Jason Lanier


Jason Lanier is an award winning Sony Artisan of Imagery who has traveled the world looking for the best possible moments, landscapes and more to capture. Jason started shooting professionally in 2007 and in 2011, began teaching other photographers. He's hosted numerous workshops across the United States, as well as, international workshops in London, England, Edinburgh, Scotland, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico and 4 different locations in Australia.

Nicholas Castel


Last summer, the award-winning organization, Students on Ice, sailed along western Greenland to the Canadian High Arctic with more than 100 students from around the world. It was an inspiring and immersive learning journey that connected youth to the Arctic and to the challenges we face as a global society. Our media team leveraged state-of-the-art Sony and Vistek gear to capture the journey as it unfolded and showcase the incredible beauty of the Arctic, its people, and the indelible impact the journey had on the expedition team. This presentation will speak to the experience capturing each action-packed day through considerable ice and varying weather conditions, and illustrate the remarkable footage captured throughout the journey.

Nicholas is an emerging creative based in Ottawa Canada. With an innately curious spirit and passion for solving problems, Nicholas has built a colourful documentary film portfolio spanning outdoor adventure, truth and reconciliation, education and conservation. A firm believer that the most important stories of our time are those that reconcile our natural and cultural worlds, Nicholas's work has taken him around the world, notably Inuit Nunangat, the Northwest Territories, Greenland and British Columbia.

Francis Bellefeuille


In this presentation, Francis will demonstrate the unique capabilities of the FUJIFILM system to customize your RAW+JPEG shooting experience. You will learn how to create unique JPEG profiles within the camera to create amazing Out Of Camera JPEG's. In addition, Francis will explore the capabilities of the FUJIFILM RAW files and demonstrate how to easily process them using X Raw Studio software developed by FUJIFILM.

Francis grew up skateboarding in the streets of Montreal and that's how he got into photography as well as video. Being in the urban environment pushed him into street photography and portraits at first, wedding photography came in after. Growing up into skateboarding, video came in naturally as this sport requires constant filming and editing to create ''Sponsor me'' tapes. Francis is behind and in front of all the Fuji Guys videos and the latest Fujifilm Japan project ''PRECIOUS'' with Canadian X-Photographer Patrick La Roque. You can see Francis's work at

John Banovich


From TV commercials to series to documentaries, Sony offers the solutions I require to perform my role as director and cinematographer. Whether it's the Venice or F55 all the way down to their action cams and even smart phones, the images are consistent and provide reliable results creating an easily integrated workflow.

John Banovich is an international director and cinematographer, having directed the award winning feature film Stolen Path and Sharp as Marbles. John also directed the award winning documentary Magical History Tour and The Honest Truth. He has twenty-five years experience filming wildlife and natural history in every province and territory of Canada, as well as directing and DPing 2nd unit on several feature films and television series. He received his bachelors degree in film from Bedford U and is a full member of the CSC (Canadian Society of Cinematographers), his work regularly featured in their magazine. This past year he was awarded "Best Director" from the New York City Film Festival and Brazil International Film Festival, as well as "Best Cinematography" from the Leo Awards.

Phil Sutherland

West Toronto Photography Group

Join us for a informative presentation on capturing motion and movement using flash. We are going to create stunning images of dancers in motion using Elinchrom Flashes and modifiers and we will discuss equipment and practical tips and tricks for lighting and adding drama to your shots, when to take the shot and how to work with the subject to achieve awesome results.

Phil is a professional photographer and owner of Revprint Studio 205 in Toronto. He is the founder and director of the West Toronto Photography Group - a not for profit arts group supporting photographers and the community since 2010. He shares his passion for light by teaching photography lighting workshops and creating interactive light art installations for festivals here and abroad.

Alan Winslow


Alan Winslow is a photographer and educator based in Brooklyn, New York. Alan has spent his career alternating between editorial, commercial and long-term, grant-funded and public art projects. Inspired by data from leading researchers and scientists, he combines photography, writing, and multimedia to explore questions facing his generation. In 2015, he was the recipient of the National Parks Artist In Residence in the Everglades National Park where his work remains in their permanent collection. He also teaches photography at International Center of Photography, The Maine Media Workshops, Brooklyn Central, The Palm Beach Photographic Centre and NYC Salt. He currently serves as the X-Rite Educational Specialist at MAC Group.

Chris Dodds


Join world renowned Canadian nature photographer, blogger, educator and lecturer, Christopher Dodds, as he shares his experience switching to Sony mirrorless system for wildlife and bird photography. Chris shares his journey into the Sony mirrorless system with many of the professional tips, tricks and techniques that he uses every day to capture his artistic and technically perfect images - with particular attention to setting-up Sony mirrorless digital cameras for birds-in-flight action photography. Learn how to take your wildlife photography to the next level!

Christopher Dodds is a renown full-time nature and wildlife photographer, workshop & safari leader/instructor, photography educator, blogger, and lecturer. His work & workshop classes take him from Alaska, to Newfoundland, Florida to Africa, helping students to capture stunning photographs through hands-on learning in the field.

Alister Chapman


Alister Chapman is a freelance DoP/producer/editor/stereographer that has worked in broadcast television since 1984. Alister also teaches video camera technology, shooting techniques and production methods in addition to managing an extensive stock footage library of nature's extreme weather conditions some of which has been featured in Hollywood blockbusters and TV series.

Garry Tutte


Last summer, the award-winning organization, Students on Ice, sailed along western Greenland to the Canadian High Arctic with more than 100 students from around the world. It was an inspiring and immersive learning journey that connected youth to the Arctic and to the challenges we face as a global society. Our media team leveraged state-of-the-art Sony and Vistek gear to capture the journey as it unfolded and showcase the incredible beauty of the Arctic, its people, and the indelible impact the journey had on the expedition team. This presentation will speak to the experience capturing each action-packed day through considerable ice and varying weather conditions, and illustrate the remarkable footage captured throughout the journey.

Garry is a documentary filmmaker based in Toronto, Canada. He has worked in over 50 countries, chasing the stories and imagery that inspire others to get out and experience the world first-hand. His past exploits include documenting an absurd car rally across the Sahara Desert in a used $500 vehicle, working as a content producer on Mount Everest, and leading the media team aboard the Canada C3 expedition as they produced real-time content while circumnavigating Canada's entire coastline via the famed Northwest Passage.

Chris Ogonek


Nikon Canada Technical Training Expert

Michelle Valberg


Michelle Valberg is a globally recognized and celebrated photographer, whose quest to capture the beautiful and unique on camera has taken her to all corners of the world. Michelle’s stunning, and at times, haunting photographs are highly sought after by art collectors globally, and have been showcased in various exhibits across North America. 

Mark Cruz


Mark is a Senior Nikon Professional Services Technical Representative with Nikon Canada

Jonathan Bielaski


Join Jonathan Bielaski as he talks about his process of creating engaging environmental portraits in both the still and motion realms for both editorial and commercial clients all over the world. Working with Fujifilm X Series cameras and small crews, Jonathan has mastered the ability to work fast and efficient and will share his insights into this complex logistical dance.

Each of Toronto-based environmental portrait photographer Jonathan Bielaski's images tell a unique story. Whether working with pro athletes, celebrities, craftsmen, or someone at the very top of their field, Jonathan has the ability to create visual content using backgrounds that reflect the story of his subject's journey by highlighting the complex relationship between the subject and the setting.

Andre Pichette


Explore fast action, sports and news photography with Montreal based Photojournalist Andre Pichette as he journeys further into the Sony Mirrorless system and away from DSLR for his daily work as a newspaper staff photographer. Andre was an early adapter to mirrorless and uses the system for coverage of the Montreal Canadiens, the CFL and world news. Published around the world in newspapers and magazines like the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Canadian Press, Reuters and Sports Illustrated, Andre's discussion will get you started on your own journey into mirrorless photography no matter what genre of photography you're interested in, whether you're a seasoned pro, or just starting out.

For almost a quarter of a century, Montreal photographer Andre Pichette has thrilled Canadians with images of the leading personalities in a wide range of Olympic and professional sports.To savour the visual impact of Andre's favourite images, please visit his website at

Andy Munitz


Andy Munitz, Sony's Professional Audio Product Manager, will offer an update on Sony's line of professional wireless microphones and will give an overview of recent spectrum changes in the market.

“Andy Munitz is Sony’s Professional Audio Product and Marketing Manager, and the National Training Manager for Sony’s IPSA Division. He has been with Sony’s Professional Audio Division since 1984, and currently focuses on wireless microphones for ENG, EFP, and Studio applications, as well as Hi-Resolution Microphones for Recording Studio use. Andy is based out of Sony’s Paramus, NJ office.”