Join us at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Hall A, North Building
Tuesday November 13th, 11am to 7pm - Wednesday November 14th, 10am to 5pm

Low Key Portraiture

DATE: November 7 - 2:30PM | November 8 - 2:30PM
LOCATION: Main Stage

Learn the art of low key lighting for portraits. Jeff Rojas is going to show you how to take beautiful low key portraits with basic lighting and studio equipment

About Jeff Rojas
Jeff Rojas is an American Photographer and author based in New York City. His primary body of work includes portrait and fashion photography that has been published in both Elle and Esquire. Jeff also frequents as a photography instructor. His teaching experience includes platforms like CreativeLive, WPPI, the Photo Plus Expo, Imaging USA and APA. Visit Jeff Rojas' website here

How To Make the Technological Advances of Today's Cameras and Lenses Work For You

DATE: November 7 - 11:30AM | November 8 - 11:30AM
PRESENTER: Jason Lanier
LOCATION: Main Stage

Join Sony Artisan of Imagery Jason Lanier as he details his techniques for using today's modern lenses and cameras to achieve success as not only an artist but also a business person around the world. The photography industry is being revolutionized with technology and Jason can't wait to show you how to use it to find the success you are seeking.

Cinematic Lighting- how to take your still photography to the next level to create stunning cinematic looks

DATE: November 7 - 4:30PM
PRESENTER: Jason Lanier
LOCATION: Lighting Stage

Join Rotolight Master of Light Jason Lanier as he shows you how to use LED lighting and flash in new ways to mimic the look, feel, and mood of Hollywood lighting. This will help you take your still photography and videography to the next level.

The power of professional mirrorless cameras, about the Sony Alpha a9.

DATE: November 7 - 3PM | November 8 - 2PM
PRESENTER: Jason Lanier


Master your portrait lighting with Jason Lanier and Rotolight

DATE: November 7 - 130PM | November 8 - 10AM
PRESENTER: Jason Lanier


About Jason Lanier
Jason Lanier is an award winning Sony Artisan of Imagery who has traveled the world looking for the best possible moments, landscapes and more to capture. Jason started shooting professionally in 2007 and in 2011, began teaching other photographers. He's hosted numerous workshops across the United States, as well as, international workshops in London, England, Edinburgh, Scotland, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico and 4 different locations in Australia. Visit Jason Lanier's website here

Creating Content at Sea: 150 days from Coast to Coast to Coast

MAIN STAGE: November 7th - 12:30PM | November 8th - 12:30PM
SONY BOOTH: November 7th - 11AM, and 2PM | November 8th - 1PM
PRESENTERS: Garry Tutte, Peter Wall and Ryan Rizzo

How can you continually create exceptional multimedia content on a five-month sailing expedition from coast to coast to coast? This is the question the Canada C3 Media Team had to answer. From June 1 to Oct. 28, the Canada C3 ship sailed from Toronto, Ont. to Victoria, B.C. to mark the 150th anniversary of Confederation. Every step of the journey was documented in video, photos, live video, drone footage and virtual reality. Over the course of 150 days, the Canada C3 Media Team produced over 100 videos and 6,000 photos for their social media channels and website, garnering over 5 million unique views. This presentation is a behind-the-scenes peek into the workings of the Canada C3 Media Team - from the gear they used, to the tiny onboard editing space they worked out of, to the people behind the content. And of course, some examples of their best work. Find out how they worked closely with partners such as Sony, Facebook, SSi Micro and the Globe and Mail to achieve results.

Garry Tutte, Peter Wall and Ryan Rizzo
Few can say they have produced stunning drone footage of the remote Torngat Mountains National Park or streamed a Facebook Live 50 metres away from a polar bear - but Garry Tutte, Peter Wall and Ryan Rizzo have. These are just two accomplishments from five months of content production on board the Canada C3 expedition. This year, the Canada C3 ship sailed 23,000 km from Toronto to Victoria, through the Northwest Passage to mark the 150th anniversary of Confederation. The Media Team onboard the expedition, led by Peter and Garry, produced over 100 original videos and published more than 6,000 photos throughout the voyage, using a wide variety of Sony, DJI, Shape, CamGear and Vistek gear. The Canada C3 team, thanks to a partnership with Poesis Media, worked closely with Transport Canada to get the various SFOC's required for this epic journey. Peter has worked and lived on four continents, and his varied career includes work as a journalist, filmmaker and entrepreneur. Garry is a filmmaker and content creator with 20 years experience, based in Toronto and Lima, Peru, and the owner of Morro Creative. Ryan is a CFC Media Lab alumni (2011) and a certified Transport Canada UAV pilot, whose passion is to push the envelope of discovery between the inherent creative potential of digital media technology and its relationship to storytelling and data collection.

Creating beautiful light for beauty, portrait and commercial photography

DATE: November 7 - 11:30AM and 3:30PM | November 8 - 12PM and 3:45PM
PRESENTER: Billie Chiasson
WHERE: Lighting Stage

Everyone needs to know soft lighting for beauty, commercial and portrait photography. Photographer, Billie Chiasson, will show you how to create beautiful lighting using the flexibility and ease of LEDGO Versatile lighting. After taking part, you will have a better understanding going forward with still photography and the use of LEDGO to create beautiful work for both yourself and your clients

Billie Chiasson
Billie Chiasson is a Portraiture and Fashion Photographer located out of Toronto. Billie's style is unique and is often described as nothing less than "beautiful". Billie has been shooting for nearly 10 years and has several publications under her belt. She has also been very involved in seminars & workshops throughout Canada. Website (NSFW)

Creating iconic portraits with celebrity portrait photographer Trevor Godinho

DATE: November 7 - 2PM and 5:45PM | November 8 - 10:30AM and 2:30PM
PRESENTER: Trevor Godinho
LOCATION: Lighting Stage

Light and shadow play an essential role in the creation of an iconic portrait. We will be discussing the new Elinchrom ELB 1200s and to utilize its amazing power to create stunning and provocative portraits. Trevor will be demonstrating various lighting setups and techniques that will have you capturing portraits like a pro.

About Trevor Godinho
With a career spanning more than a decade, Trevor Godinho is an internationally recognized artist and published photographer, his work gracing the pages of Vogue Italia, Elle Canada, FHM France & India, Men's Health Australia, Sharp Magazine, and much more. His skill, vision, and passion for his art have led him to travel and establish a reputation in Toronto, New York City, Miami, Los Angeles, London, Milano, and Perth - putting him and his camera in front of notable personalities and Hollywood's leading men and women. In addition to photography, having graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree, Trevor's creative range also includes painting, sculpture, and design. His mastery of these disciplines has led to his work being exhibited at Coldstream Fine Art and the Gardiner Museum in Toronto. Trevor continues to mentor the next generation of aspiring photographers and artists, who he hopes will continue to tell human interest stories with vision and expressiveness. Trevor is an active supporter of local charities, including Jays Care Foundation (Toronto Blue Jays), NATO Association of Canada, the Remix Project, and CTV and Salvation Army's Toy Mountain. Trevor currently resides in Toronto, Canada. Website

Enhancing Your Image with a Wacom Tablet

DATE: November 7 - 1:15PM | November 8 - 3:30PM
LOCATION: Production Stage

Whether you are into photographing serene landscapes or carefully lit studio portraits, a Wacom tablet or display is a must-have tool for the trade. In this fun and informative session, you'll learn the fundamentals of using a Wacom pen tablet through practical examples of image editing and enhancement. You'll discover features in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom that you didn't know existed-or don't fully appreciate. And finally, you'll take away tips and techniques to streamline your workflow and boost your creativity.

WACOM Raffle Prizes!

WACOM will be raffling off one (1) Intuos Pro Medium Paper Edition at the end of each of Wes Maggio's Production Stage presentations*.
Note: *You must attend the presentations for a chance to win.

WACOM will also be raffling off one (1) Intuos Photo at the end of each day in their booth.

About Wes Maggio
Wes Maggio is a Senior Evangelist for Creative Products at Wacom Technology. In his work for Wacom, Wes regularly consults with creative professionals and enthusiasts, instructing them on the latest ways in which to realize their vision and optimize their workflow. A passionate photographer, speaker and trainer, Wes is the author of the leading title on tablet training; Wacom Tablets and Photoshop from PhotoshopCAFE.

Learn light shaping tips and tricks in fashion

DATE: November 8th - 11AM and 2:00PM
PRESENTER: Miguel Jacob
LOCATION: Profoto Booth

No stranger to Profusion, Miguel Jacob will once again show the crowds why he's one of our most popular demonstrators. Miguel will be using a combination of Profoto flashes coupled with his favourite light shaping tools in a live fashion shoot with a model. Learn Miguel's light shaping tips and tricks in fashion from his extensive experience as one of Canada's most successful fashion photographers.

About Miguel Jacob
Fashion photographer extraordinaire, Miguel was born and raised in Peru but now lives in Toronto. In addition to his editorial and advertising work for clients such as Flare, Bullett, Nylon, The Bay, Sears, and Universal Records, Miguel has photographed many celebrities including Michael Buble, Jay Manuel, Lisa Ray and Alexa Chung. In 2010, he directed the film Now I Need You. Miguel has also been honoured as a guest photographer on America's Next Top Model. You can see Miguel's work on his website

Creative Lighting for Fast-Paced Wedding Portraits

DATE: November 7th - 1PM and 4:30PM
LOCATION: Profoto Booth

Raph Nogal will demonstrate creative lighting techniques using Profoto's new product. He will show how to create dynamic lighting setups for Bride and Groom portraits, as well as demonstrate how he uses this new product as part of his lighting setup at wedding receptions, entrances and dances. Utilizing Profoto's light shaping tools, Raph will share some insight on his approach to wedding photography, lighting and thinking outside the box.

About Raph Nogal
Raph Nogal is a professional wedding photographer based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Raph's style can be best described as a fusion between photojournalism and art-focused editorial. Best known for his creative off-camera lighting approach, Raph is regarded as one of the top wedding photographers in Canada. As a16-time recipient of Honours of Excellence Awards at WPPI international photographic print competitions, Raph is also a multiple-time Fearless Photographers Award Winner, as well as a PPOC Award Winner and Loan Collection participant in National and Regional Image Salons. Raph is an Accredited Member of Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC), Associate Member of Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI), member of Fearless Photographers, and a member of Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers (UK).

Storytelling in 360VR - Talk + Workshop

DATE: November 7 - 3:30PM | November 8 - 10:30AM
PRESENTERS: Azad Abassi and Rodrigo Vergara
LOCATION: Main Stage

Humans have been telling each other Stories since the dawn of time. Those with proper understanding and mastery of the Principles & Techniques of Storytelling have Always Stood Above the Rest. This Presentation will provide you Everything you Need to Know and be Prepared for in the Era of Storytelling in 360° & Virtual Reality.

About Rodrigo Vergara
Chief Evangelist at Genius and iAmGeniusVR, Rodrigo is a digital marketer with many strings to his bow through his extensive experience in event production and business development. In the past few years, Rodrigo has collaborated to the local Startup community, through his work as Consultant, Master of Ceremonies, Speaker, and Panelist.
About Azad Abassi
CEO & Founder of Genius and iAmGeniusVR, Azad is a producer, director, marketer and bussiness man. From music videos to VR campaigns, he passion is to create, inovate and tell a beautiful story. Azad was involved at a early age with ecommerce and video production.

VENICE - Our new CineAlta camera, the ultimate tool for creative professionals engaged in filmmaking and production.

DATE: November 7 - 6PM | November 8 - 3PM
PRESENTER: Peter Crithary
LOCATION: Sony Booth

A Taste of VENICE-An exclusive first look in Canada

Sony went back to the drawing board for this new Full Frame motion picture camera. VENICE is the next generation camera system, a ground-up development initiative encompassing a completely new image sensor, with careful consideration of key aspects such as form factor, ergonomics, build quality, ease of use, a refined picture and painterly look—with a simple, established workflow.

VENICE is a result of working in close collaboration with film industry professionals. Sony also considered the longer term strategy by designing a user interchangeable sensor architecture that is as quick and simple to swap as removing four screws, and can accommodate different shooting scenarios as the need arises.

This seminar will delve deep into the new architecture of VENICE, and the first demo footage shot with the camera will be shown

About Peter Crithary
Marketing Manager CineAlta - SonyProfessional Solutions America. Recognized Industry expert spearheading product planning and management, product launches, marketing initiatives, and brand building for many broadcast and production technologies including camera systems, content management and workflow platforms. Develops relationships with production professionals, media companies, influencers, vendors, trade associations, press and artist communities. Founder and Editor in Chief of CineAlta Production magazine, and host of Sony Professional social media community. Active member of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE), and Associate Member of the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC).

A Nikon D850 Journey to the Arctic Circle and Rocky Mountains

DATE: November 7 - 4:30PM | November 8 - 3:30PM
PRESENTER: Kristian Bogner
LOCATION: Main Stage

Nikon Ambassador Kristian Bogner will take you on a spectacular visual journey through the Northwest Passage and Arctic Circle to Greenland and back to the Canadian Rocky Mountains, all captured in 46 megapixels with new Nikon D850. Kristian will share pro techniques for capturing high resolution images with outstanding detail, camera settings, 8K time-lapses, slow-motion video and a lot more.

About Kristian Bogner
Kristian Bogner is a 3rd generation pro photographer, speaker and ambassador for Nikon Canada, Broncolor, Lowepro and Manfrotto. His work has received numerous awards including 3-time Commercial Photographer of the Year for Canada with the Professional Photographers of Canada Association and 2015 Master Photographers International Commercial Photographer of the Year. Kristian's abilities take him from shooting the Olympics and extreme sports, to fashion, architecture, aircrafts, landscapes and expeditions across the globe. Website

How to Grow Your Brand on YouTube

DATE: November 7 - 1:30PM | November 8 - 1:30PM
PRESENTER: Peter McKinnon
LOCATION: Main Stage

Garnering an audience of over 1 million people on YouTube in less than 9 months, Peter has a unique style and delivery when it comes to content within the photo / video world. Peter will share his experience in growing his brand, channel and the tools he has used to get him there.

About Peter McKinnon
Canadian photographer who educates viewers about photography and cinematography on his eponymous YouTube channel. He has been featured in Magic Magazine, Popular Photography Magazine and more. Currently running one of the top camera related outlets on the internet via self titled channel on YouTube. Website

Canon EOS C200

DATE: November 7th - 2:30PM and 5:45PM | November 8th - 10:15AM and 2:30PM
PRESENTER: Rupert Walker
LOCATION: Canon Booth

This presentation will be about the Canon EOS C200 and it's use on the set of Rupert Walker's short film titled "The Shadow Side". He will be speaking about the highlights of the camera and how it can be applied to a number of different productions.

About Rupert Walker
Vancouver born filmmaker Rupert Walker's work has earned him 8 Vimeo Staff Picks, millions of views on YouTube and he's just getting started. Collaborations between Rupert and mountain bike freerider Brandon Semenuk are lightning in a bottle, captivating extreme sports fans with cinematography that sucks you into the action. Rupert will speak to his unique style and discuss his experience shooting his short film "The Shadow Side" on the EOS C200.

Meet David Rocco

DATE: November 7th - 11:15AM and 3:30PM | November 8th - 12:15PM
PRESENTER: David Rocco
LOCATION: Canon Booth

Come meet International Celebrity Chef, TV host and Executive Producer David Rocco of the hit TV series: David Rocco's Dolce Vita, Dolce India, Dolce Napoli and his latest series Dolce Africa. His shows have aired in over 120 countries worldwide on the National Geographic Channels and in Canada on Food Network and TLN Telelatino. Hear David share stories from past shoots, his latest adventure in Africa, and his experience of shooting his fast-paced documentary-style series exclusively with the Canon C100 Mark II and Canon lenses. As well, David speaks of his 360 degree approach to creating, pitching and making a series, including worldwide distribution, and his thoughts on where the industry is heading with TV in this new digital era.

About David Rocco
Come meet International Celebrity Chef, TV host and Executive Producer David Rocco of the hit TV series: David Rocco's Dolce Vita, Dolce India, Dolce Napoli and his latest series Dolce Africa. His shows have aired in over 120 countries worldwide on the National Geographic Channels and in Canada on Food Network and TLN Telelatino. Hear David share stories from past shoots, his latest adventure in Africa, and his experience of shooting his fast-paced documentary-style series exclusively with the Canon C100 Mark II and Canon lenses. As well, David speaks of his 360 degree approach to creating, pitching and making a series, including worldwide distribution, and his thoughts on where the industry is heading with TV in this new digital era. Website

Equipped with Canon's full frame EOS 6D Mark II, Liam will reveal his latest photographic experiment.

DATE: November 7th - 12:15PM and 4:45PM | November 8th - 11:15AM and 3:15PM
LOCATION: Canon Booth

If being named to Forbes list of 30 under 30 as a Graphic Design Director at Ubisoft wasn't enough, Liam Wong picks up his first camera (EOS 6D) prior to a Japan trip only to release a photo series that caught the internet by fire. By capturing real moments and transforming them into the surreal Liam's "Tokyo at Night" series garnered worldwide acclaim and has been shared by The Smithsonian, CNN, Creative Boom and High Snobiety among others. Now, equipped with Canon's full frame EOS 6D Mark II, Liam will reveal his latest photographic experiment.

About Liam Wong
If being named to Forbes list of 30 under 30 as a Graphic Design Director at Ubisoft wasn't enough, Liam Wong picks up his first camera (EOS 6D) prior to a Japan trip only to release a photo series that caught the internet by fire. By capturing real moments and transforming them into the surreal Liam's "Tokyo at Night" series garnered worldwide acclaim and has been shared by The Smithsonian, CNN, Creative Boom and High Snobiety among others. Now, equipped with Canon's full frame EOS 6D Mark II, Liam will reveal his latest photographic experiment. Find more of his work at: Instagram, Twitter, or on his website.

Lighting for Beauty & Fashion Cinematography

DATE: November 7 - 12:30PM | November 8 - 1:00PM
LOCATION: Lighting Stage

Sponsored by LEDGO. The beauty of learning how to light a fashion shoot is that you can use the same techniques to add cinematic flare to other video projects. Cinematographer and Vistek YouTube producer, Dale Sood, will show you to create a high-fashion look using the power and versatility found in the full line of LEDGO lighting products. After taking part in this lighting workshop, you'll know how to make everything you shoot look more beautiful.

About Dale Sood
Dale Sood is an award-winning filmmaker, cinematographer, and educator. Many of his films have been screened globally, including at The HotDocs International Documentary Film Festival. Dale has vast experience working with numerous fashion and beauty brands. He has directed and shot commercial spots for Toronto's TOM & TW Fashion Week. Dale also teaches cinematography courses for Raindance and L.I.F.T. (Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto). Website

New palm-sized 4K HDR Camcorders PXW-Z90, HXR-NX80, FDR-AX700

DATE: November 7 - 12PM AND 4PM | November 8 - 11AM
LOCATION: Sony Booth

These cameras will be a perfect fit for any customer seeking a good quality compact camcorder, for broadcast, production, documentary, and enthusiastic videographers. With a state-of the art 1.0-type Exmor RS sensor , the trio will be Sony's first family of camcorders equipped with Fast Hybrid AF technology, which will provide "Speed", "Accuracy" and "Customizability" to your auto focus. They will also come with the latest HDR and wireless network technology and so much more!

About Takuro Ema

NEW ZEISS CP.3 and CP.3XD lenses

DATE: Tuesday November 7th - 12PM and 4PM | November 8th - 11AM and 3PM
PRESENTER: Snehal Patel
LOCATION: Zeiss Booth

Join Snehal Patel from ZEISS for an introduction to the new ZEISS CP.3 and CP.3 XD lenses. We will review the optical qualities & metadata capabilities of the 10 lens set. Participants will be able to see the lens metadata workflow from production to post. You will learn how to change the lens mount and balance for your camera type (PL, EF, E, F, MFT). The CP.3 & CP.3 XD lenses will be available to touch and try on a digital cinema camera. Bring your questions!

Choosing Lenses For Motion

DATE: Tuesday November - 2PM | November 8th - 1PM
PRESENTER: Snehal Patel
LOCATION: Zeiss Booth

Join Snehal Patel from Zeiss for an overview of how lenses are used for motion and how to apply these techniques to your next project. We will cover lens design, T-stops, sensor coverage, primes vs. zooms, and wide vs. tele along with practical applications and historical examples from top DPs. We will highlight the latest cine lenses, including the brand new CP.3 Compact Primes & LWZ.3 Lightweight Zoom 21-100, along with the CZ.2 Zooms, CP.2 SuperSpeeds, Otus, Milvus, Loxia and Batis for ARRI, Sony, Canon, RED, Nikon, Blackmagic and other digital cinema cameras.

About Snehal Patel
Snehal Patel is a filmmaker, technologist and instructor that started the first Camera Bootcamp in Los Angeles during the Canon 5D DSLR craze of 2009. With over twenty years of experience in film production, Snehal brings practical real-world experience to his workshops. He continues to lend his production and post-production skills to TV Shows, Feature Films, Short Films and various web projects. His favorite genre is Sci-Fi Thrillers. Snehal has worked professionally as a freelance DP and Director, was a camera salesperson at ARRI and currently is the Sales Manager for Cine at ZEISS.

Humaneyes Technology

DATE: November 7 - 2:15PM | November 8 - 2:30PM
PRESENTER: Jeff Miller
LOCATION: Production Stage

Jeff Miller will offer insight into what it will take for VR video to thrive and gain mass adoption. During this presentation he will touch on the nuances of emerging hardware and editing tools across the VR space, while proposing tech standards and initial content creation milestones that can bring the industry together and closer to delivering quality VR content and maturing the market. He will also discuss how tech innovators can play a part in making VR easier, cheaper and overall more accessible for content creators to establish themselves in the space. Lastly, he will talk to VR's untapped roadmap with viewers eventually having the ability to walk around a set, pick things up, feel sensations through haptics and interact with their environment like never before.

About Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller joined Humaneyes Technologies in 2006, as the Director of Sales, for the Americas. Jeff's career in the imaging, photographic and graphic arts markets has mirrored all of the analog to digital and new technologies changes we've witnessed in the industry over the last 30 plus years. Throughout his career, Jeff has supported and consulted for a diverse body of international clients that includes government agencies, commercial printers, photo labs, artists, designers, videographers / photographers, ad agencies, universities, and Fortune 50 to 500 companies, including Dell, Motorola, Samsung, Adobe, Apple, Microsoft, IBM, HP, Canon, OCE, EFI, FujiFilm, Agfa and Kodak.

Small - Creative & Square

DATE: November 7th - 1:00PM | November 8th - 2:00PM
PRESENTER: David Williams

Being creative in small spaces. How to simply construct a background to provide dimension & depth. Shooting creative B&W square portraits in camera with the Fuji GFX.

About David Williams
David Williams is a Master of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (II), a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, a Master of the WPPI Honours system, and a recipient of the Accolade Lifetime Achievement Award from WPPI. He has a history of over 30 years in State, National and International judging, in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Canada and the USA. David also panel-chairs the 'Premier Category' for first-time entrants at WPPI to great acclaim from participants due to its total emphasis on education and helpful, positive feedback. David has also lectured to professionals in Asia, New Zealand, Australia, UK, Ireland, Canada and the USA

What's New in DaVinci Resolve 14

DATE: November 7th - 11:15AM
PRESENTER: Shawn Carlson
LOCATION: Production Stage


About Shawn Carlson
Shawn is a Product Specialist for Blackmagic Design specializing in DaVinci Resolve, with a focus on editing. Shawn has worked as an editor and motion graphics artist for the past twenty years, across a variety of NLE and FX platforms, delivering show opens, spots, promos, trailers, sizzles and featurettes for broadcast, cable and home video clients like Disney, Warner, Sony, NBC and Apple.

Size Matters

DATE: November 7th - 11:30AM | November 8th - 11:00AM
PRESENTER: Spencer Wynn

How small & discrete triumphs over large & obvious. Tales and travels with the Fujiflm X100

About Spencer Wynn
A story teller at heart, Spencer's career has taken him to extremes. Using his skills as a visual journalist, designer and photographer, Wynn has lived the stories he tells saying, " One can only truly tell a story of a people or culture if you have lived with the people or in the culture". Spencer is a creative person, always looking to push himself and his skills in order to stay current with technology and learn more about the diversity around him.

Night Photography and Light Painting

PRESENTER: Chris Ogonek

With the amazing low-light capabilities of the newer generation of DSLR's, there's no reason to keep your camera locked away once the sun goes down. Whether you're looking to capture star trails, night landscapes, or even combine them all together with some light painting techniques, we'll go through some basic tips for how to get some truly remarkable photographs at a time of the night when most other photographers are busy sleeping.

About Chris Ogonek
Nikon Canada Technical Training Expert

Full-Frame Versatility | The Nikon D850


Want to hear first-hand from Nikon Canada's Mark Cruz about the amazingly versatile D850? Well listen-in as Mark goes through some of the impressive technology that has been incorporated into it, and learn why it may not matter if you shoot stills, video, portraiture, action or landscape; the D850 will do it all.

About Mark Cruz
Mark is a Senior Nikon Professional Services Technical Representative with Nikon Canada

Speedlight Lighting Techniques

PRESENTER: Sam Sciarrino

In this seminar, you will acquire practical techniques using the SB-500 speedlight. Sam will discuss looking for light direction, and when it's not there, how to quickly create it with a speedlight. This among other techniques will be demonstrated with a LIVE demo!

About Sam Sciarrino
Sam Sciarrino is an internationally known Master Photographer, owner of Toronto-based Horvath Photography, and a Nikon Ambassador. Known for his unique approaches to portrait and wedding photography, Sam is a second-generation professional photographer with more than 25 years of experience. He is also a respected lecturer on the professional photography circuit.

DTK and the GFX, a Partnership in Fashion

DATE: November 7th 3:00PM | November 8th - 12:00PM
PRESENTER: Sylvain Blais

How the GFX system has become the go-to camera for Dress to Kill magazine and a look behind the scenes.

About Sylvain Blais
Cofounder and artistic director of Dress to Kill Magazine, Sylvain is a renowned photographer who has a strong passion for fashion photography. He has been creating fashion campaigns and publicity for an array of clients for over fifteen years. By constantly being surrounded by creative individuals in the fashion world -- including photographers, stylists, and fashion designers -- Sylvain was inspired to create his own magazine. Since then, he has been the force behind the artistic direction and content creation of Dress to Kill. In a short nine years, he has been able to work with the most talented individuals in the Canadian fashion scene. With them, he creates projects that stand out and make people talk -- notably his pieces with Jean-Paul Gaultier, top models; Coco Rochas, Anais Pouliot and Hilary Rhoda to mention a few, and a profile on Rad Hourani featuring Jared Leto. He also won the prestigious title of "Best Creative Director" in 2015 and many awards in previous years for "Best Cover" at P&G Fashion and Beauty Awards

Video Workflow with the X-T2

DATE: November 7th 5:45PM
PRESENTER: Jonathan Bielaski

Working with the Fuji X system to create visual content in both the stills and motion realm for commercial and editorial clients. Environmental portrait photographer Jonathan Bielaski will talk about the ease of use of the system and show how he utilizes all the capabilities of the XT-2 to create his stunning visuals on location time and time again.

About Jonathan Bielaski

Magic Moments - Life at 20 Frames per Second

DATE: November - 7th 1PM and 5PM | November 8th - 12PM
PRESENTER: Nick Didlick

In his fortieth year as a professional photographer, Nick Didlick switched camera brands to take up Sony's a9 camera's which he calls the next evolution in photography. Having made the transition from Film to Digital Photography back in 1994 Didlick is well positioned to understand what evolutionary changes are in professional photography. Using the a9 since its launch in April of 2017 to cover a variety of assignments come and see what happens when capturing images at 20 Frames Per Second.

About Nick Didlick
Nick Didlick, is a Vancouver, Canada-based commercial and editorial photographer, videographer and digital imaging consultant. Nicks extensive career has spanned over four decades, assignments in 60 countries and staff photographer positions at United Press Canada, Reuters, the Vancouver Sun and the National Post. He has covered Royal Tours, Olympics, Super Bowls, Super Power Summits, human-made and natural disasters, riots and other conflicts. Didlick is a National Newspaper Award-winning photographer, Reuter's Journalist of the Year. A sought-after speaker on digital imaging and workflow he counts Sony USA, Best Buy USA, Blue Pixel Creates, the International Olympic Committee and International News Agencies among his many clients. Today Didlick shoots Still, Video and other visual content for clients from his Vancouver you can find him on the web at