Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Hall B
Wednesday November 13th, 11am to 7pm Thursday November 14th, 10am to 5pm

FUJIFILM X-Citement. This is where you'll find it.

Fujifilm continues to add to their excellent line of X-series cameras and lenses.With its stunning retro design and premium build, the popular award-winning Fujifilm X-series has unleashed the creative photographer in thousands. If you've ever wondered why X-Series mirrorless cameras have become the go-to camera for professionals and hobbyists alike, this is the booth you'll want to check out.

Getting Creative with Headshots

Date: Tuesday November 13th at 1PM and Wednesday November 14th at 10:30AM & 2PM

Presented by: David Williams

This explores how you can move outwards from the client expectation of head and shoulders against a plain background to variances that help to describe a subject's personality. This can involve location work, getting people moving and incorporating their hobbies in order to 'flesh out' the presentation for multiple uses. David will use images and practical demonstrations to better describe this process.

The 'half inch' factor

Date: Tuesday November 13th at 5:30PM and Wednesday November 14th at 10:30AM

Presented by: David Williams

The 'half inch' factor. Why do some portraits look okay and not great? Why is the subject not communicating with us? This is often the result of us obsessing over technicalities at the expense of animation. Learn prompts and approaches that will facilitate this connection with your subject and ultimately with the most important person of all -- their future client. David will use images and practical demonstrations to better describe this process.

Presented by: David Williams

David has a history of over 35 years in state, national and international judging, in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Canada and the USA. He panel-chairs the 'Premier Category' for first time entrants at WPPI to great acclaim from participants due to its total emphasis on education and helpful, positive feedback. He has lectured to professionals in Asia, New Zealand, Australia, UK, Ireland, Canada and the USA.

Compact and UltraLight, the X-T3 is the perfect camera for on location work

Date: Tuesday November 13th
Time: 2:30PM - 3:30PM

Presented by: Jonathan Bielaski

Explore the advantages of using the Fuji X system to create stunning commercial work for stills and motion when on remote locations. Jonathan will take you through his compact travel kits that are super small but by no means compromise and give you insight on how to work small. Will also include a Live demo using small flashes to create his signature portraits.

GFX and Capture One workflow: Live Shoot

Date: Wednesday November 14th
Time: 12:30 PM - 1:00PM

Presented by: Jonathan Bielaski

Come experience the commercial workflow Jonathan Bielaski uses when he is in studio or on location. He will cover both tethered and non tethered solutions, lighting options and post production processes to create a seamless workflow.

About Jonathan Bielaski

Each of Toronto-based environmental portrait photographer Jonathan Bielaski's images tell a unique story. Whether working with pro athletes, celebrities, craftsmen, or someone at the very top of their field, Jonathan has the ability to create visual content using backgrounds that reflect the story of his subject's journey by highlighting the complex relationship between the subject and the setting.

Raph Nogal FMC

Why I switched to Fujifilm's medium format system and so should you!

Date: Tuesday November 13th
Time: 4PM - 5PM

Presented by: Miguel Jacob

Miguel demonstrates the amazing abilities of the FUJIFILM GFX Medium Format system and showcase the image quality it can produce for you!

About Miguel Jacob

Miguel Jacob is a Fashion Photographer and Educator with a knack for creating cool and sophisticated images in which light plays a central role. In addition to his editorial and advertising work for clients such as Flare, Bullett, Nylon, The Bay, Sears, Beringer Winery and Universal Records, he has photographed many celebrities including Michael Bublé, Jay Manuel, Lisa Ray and Alexa Chung. Miguel has won several awards for his photography including the Best Magazine Cover of model Coco Rocha at the prestigious P & G Beauty Awards. He has made several TV appearances including being a guest photographer in America's Next Top Model, cycle 18, in 2012. Miguel is also a Profoto ambassador, the Educational Manager at Profoto Academy and teaches portraiture and fashion photography at Sheridan College.
You can see Miguel's work on his website www.migueljacob.com

Raph Nogal FMC


Date: Wednesday November 14th
Time: 2:00PM - 3:00PM

Presented by: Francis Bellefeuille

In this presentation, Francis will demonstrate the unique capabilities of the FUJIFILM system to customize your RAW+JPEG shooting experience. You will learn how to create unique JPEG profiles within the camera to create amazing Out Of Camera JPEG's. In addition, Francis will explore the capabilities of the FUJIFILM RAW files and demonstrate how to easily process them using X Raw Studio software developed by FUJIFILM.

Francis Bellefeuille
About Francis Bellefeuille

Francis grew up skateboarding in the streets of Montreal and that's how he got into photography as well as video. Being in the urban environment pushed him into street photography and portraits at first, wedding photography came in after. Growing up into skateboarding, video came in naturally as this sport requires constant filming and editing to create ''Sponsor me'' tapes. Francis is behind and in front of all the Fuji Guys videos and the latest Fujifilm Japan project ''PRECIOUS'' with Canadian X-Photographer Patrick La Roque. You can see Francis's work at FrancisBellefeuille.com


Tuesday November 14 | FUJIFILM SCHEDULE
1:00PM David Anthony Williams Getting Creative with Headshots
2:30PM Jonathan Bielaski Compact and UltraLight, the X-T3 is the perfect camera for on location work
4:00PM Miguel Jacobs Why I switched to Fujifilm's medium format system and so should you!
5:30PM David Anthony Williams The 'half inch' factor
Wednesday November 14 | FUJIFILM SCHEDULE
10:30AM David Anthony Williams Getting Creative with Headshots.
12:00PM Jonathan Bielaski GFX and Capture One workflow: Live Shoot
1:00PM David Anthony Williams Creative portraits in small spaces and Making an Editorial-Style Group
2:00PM Francis Bellefeuille Shooting RAW+JPEG with FUJIFILM
3:30PM Jonathan Bielaski Compact and UltraLight, the X-T3 is the perfect camera for on location work.

What people say About us

  • I've done far too many dealer trade shows over the past 20+ years, but I've done enough of them to know what a tremendous effort it requires to do one properly. You and your team have done it properly. It was organized with surgical precision, and we had plenty of help when we needed it. Thank you for your efforts and your support. I am looking forward to the mutual benefit ProFusion will bring us both.

    Len Donovan

    Key Accounts Manager NE and SE, Camera Dynamics, Inc.,The Vitec Group Videocom Division
  • I can honestly say I think it was probably the best run show that I have ever been involved with. We also had some fantastic interest in our product and sold out the show stock several times which was phenomenal for us.

    Rod Aaron Director, Rotolight, Pinewood Studios

  • I have received about 20 letters from students who took one of my programs and all of them were extremely positive. The entire experience was exceptional and you can definitely count me in again for next year.

    Seth Resnick Seminar presenter and photographer