Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Hall B
Wednesday November 13th, 11am to 7pm Thursday November 14th, 10am to 5pm

Nikon stands out on the crowded floor.

In the multiple brand universe, there aren't too many brands that can claim to own die-hard loyal fans who refuse to use anything but their favourite brand. You'd have to place Nikon on that very short list. Around the world, Nikon has garnered incredible loyalty. And you'll see a big reason why at ProFusion.

ProFusion 2018 NIKON Sessions

Making of a Masterpiece 2.0

Presented by: Kristian Bogner
Date: November 13th - 2PM | November 14th - 12:30PM

From landscapes and wildlife, to sports, to commercial and fashion, Kristian will discuss the key elements that give them impact, excellence and story-telling power. This deeper look into the making of these images will demonstrate pro techniques, camera settings and insights to help inspire your photographic journey.


Capturing Canada Through Timelapses with the new Z Series

Presented By: Chris Ogonek
Date: November 13th - 5PM | November 14th - 2:30PM

Chris Ogonek will discuss how he shot a series of 8K timelapses throughout Canada with the new Z 7 mirrorless camera. How do you shoot timelapses? Does it need to be a time consuming process? How did the new cameras perform? All of these questions and more will be covered as Chris makes it easy to think through a timelapse shoot.

In the Presence of Nature

Presented By: Michelle Valberg
Date: November 12th - 1PM and 4PM | November 14th - 10:30AM

Michelle will showcase her latest adventure landscape and wildlife images as well, share illuminating behind the scenes stories.

Mirrorless Reinvented

Presented By: Mark Cruz
Date: November 13th - 11:30AM | November 14th - 11:30AM

Your mirrorless questions answered! Join technical expert Mark Cruz as he discusses the revolutionary new Z series mirrorless system.

My Photographic Journey

Presented By: Viktoria Haack
Date: November 13th - 3PM and 6PM

The journey that led me into professional photography and why I love the diversity of my work.

Chris Ogonek


Nikon Canada Technical Training Expert

Michelle Valberg


Michelle Valberg is a globally recognized and celebrated photographer, whose quest to capture the beautiful and unique on camera has taken her to all corners of the world. Michelle’s stunning, and at times, haunting photographs are highly sought after by art collectors globally, and have been showcased in various exhibits across North America. 

Mark Cruz


Mark is a Senior Nikon Professional Services Technical Representative with Nikon Canada

Kristian Bogner


Kristian Bogner is a 3rd generation pro photographer, Nikon Canada Ambassador, speaker, and 3-time Photographer of the Year for Canada. He is also a Broncolor Canada Ambassador, Manfrotto Pro Photographer and Lowepro Storyteller. Kristian's abilities take him from shooting the Olympics and extreme sports to fashion, architecture, aircrafts, landscapes and expeditions across the globe. Find out more at

Viktoria Haack


Viktoria's work covers the fields of landscape, portrait, wedding, event, promotion, editorial, stock and photography education. The diversity of her work allows cross pollination of skills and experiences between these different photographic genres and allows her to stay creative and excited about the projects she undertakes. She loves nothing more than sharing her passion for photography in an educational role -- whether that is over a cup of coffee and a chat or on a multi-day back country workshop.


Tuesday November 13 | NIKON SCHEDULE
11:30AM Mark Cruz Mirrorless Reinvented
1:00PM Michelle Valberg In the Presence of Nature
2:00PM Kristian Bogner Making of a Masterpiece 2.0
3:00PM Viktoria Haack My Photographic Journey
4:00PM Michelle Valberg In the Presence of Nature
5:00PM Chris Ogonek Capturing Canada Through Timelapses with the new Z Series
6:00PM Viktoria Haack My Photographic Journey
Wednesday November 14th | NIKON SCHEDULE
10:30AM Michelle Valberg In the Presence of Nature
11:30AM Mark Cruz Mirrorless Reinvented
12:30PM Kristian Bogner Making of a Masterpiece 2.0
1:30PM Panel Discussion Discussing all things F to Z
2:30PM Chris Ogonek Capturing Canada Through Timelapses with the new Z Series

What people say About us

  • I've done far too many dealer trade shows over the past 20+ years, but I've done enough of them to know what a tremendous effort it requires to do one properly. You and your team have done it properly. It was organized with surgical precision, and we had plenty of help when we needed it. Thank you for your efforts and your support. I am looking forward to the mutual benefit ProFusion will bring us both.

    Len Donovan

    Key Accounts Manager NE and SE, Camera Dynamics, Inc.,The Vitec Group Videocom Division
  • I can honestly say I think it was probably the best run show that I have ever been involved with. We also had some fantastic interest in our product and sold out the show stock several times which was phenomenal for us.

    Rod Aaron Director, Rotolight, Pinewood Studios

  • I have received about 20 letters from students who took one of my programs and all of them were extremely positive. The entire experience was exceptional and you can definitely count me in again for next year.

    Seth Resnick Seminar presenter and photographer