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The world's "#1 in mirrorless" and it's reflected at ProFusion

Sony's alpha series mirrorless cameras have taken the world by storm. Perhaps, most amazing of all is Sony's incredible array of mirrorless cameras. You'll get to see them all at the Sony booth. And as if that alone is not a valid reason to visit the Sony booth, here's another reason: You can visit VENICE - Sony's incredible full-frame motion picture camera.

VENICE Extension System

As shooting environments and requirements become more advanced and demanding, VENICE users can expect the same image quality and integrity when using the robust Extension System, which enables VENICE to become highly mobile and discreet for many mounting setups and filming scenarios including use with gimbals, handheld stabilizers, underwater and helicopter housings, and 3D/VR rigs, as well as in tight and unconventional spaces, such as in vehicles, on cranes or Russian arms.

ProFusion 2018 SONY Sessions

Shooting The Extreme

Date: Tuesday November 13th at 11AM and Wednesday November 14th at 11:00AM

Presented by: Alister Chapman

Cinematographer Alister Chapman specializes in shooting extreme weather and natural spectacles such as the Northern Lights. In this session Alister will discuss many of the challenges he has faced over the years shooting everywhere from the Deserts of Arizona to the Arctic Circle. Learn more about the range of cameras he uses from the Sony A6300 and A7 series, the the FS5 and FS7 all the way up to Sony's Venice digital cinema camera. Using samples of material from some of his latest work Alister will explain why each camera was chosen for each job and provide useful tips and information on how to get the best from them.

About Alister Chapman

DoP/producer/editor/stereographer that has worked in broadcast television since 1984. Alister also teaches video camera technology, shooting techniques and production methods in addition to managing an extensive stock footage library of nature's extreme weather conditions some of which has been featured in Hollywood blockbusters and TV series.

Production solutions

Date: Tuesday November 13th at 12PM and Wednesday November 14th at 12PM

Presented by: John Banovich

From TV commercials to series to documentaries, Sony offers the solutions I require to perform my role as director and cinematographer. Whether it's the Venice or F55 all the way down to their action cams and even smart phones, the images are consistent and provide reliable results creating an easily integrated workflow.

John Banovich
About John Banovich

John Banovich is an international director and cinematographer, having directed the award winning feature film Stolen Path and Sharp as Marbles. John also directed the award winning documentary Magical History Tour and The Honest Truth. He has twenty-five years experience filming wildlife and natural history in every province and territory of Canada, as well as directing and DPing 2nd unit on several feature films and television series. He received his bachelors degree in film from Bedford U and is a full member of the CSC (Canadian Society of Cinematographers), his work regularly featured in their magazine. This past year he was awarded "Best Director" from the New York City Film Festival and Brazil International Film Festival, as well as "Best Cinematography" from the Leo Awards.

Bird and Wildlife Photography with Sony Mirrorless system

Date: Tuesday November 13th at 2PM and Wednesday November 14th at 3PM

Presented by: Chris Dodds

Join world renowned Canadian nature photographer, blogger, educator and lecturer, Christopher Dodds, as he shares his experience switching to Sony mirrorless system for wildlife and bird photography. Chris shares his journey into the Sony mirrorless system with many of the professional tips, tricks and techniques that he uses everyday to capture his artistic and technically perfect images - with particular attention to setting-up Sony mirrorless digital cameras for birds-in-flight action photography. Learn how the to take your wildlife photography to the next level!

About Chris Dodds

Christopher Dodds is a renown full-time nature and wildlife photographer, workshop & safari leader/instructor, photography educator, blogger, and lecturer. His work & workshop classes take him from Alaska, to Newfoundland, Florida to Africa, helping students to capture stunning photographs through hands-on learning in the field.

Sony Wireless Mics and Spectrum Update

Date: Tuesday November 13th at 3PM and Wednesday November 14th at 2PM

Presented by: Andy Munitz

Andy Munitz, Sony's Professional Audio Product Manager, will offer an update on Sony's line of professional wireless microphones and will give an overview of recent spectrum changes in the market.

John Banovich
About Andy Munitz

Andy Munitz is Sony's Professional Audio Product and Marketing Manager, and the National Training Manager for Sony's IPSA Division. He has been with Sony's Professional Audio Division since 1984, and currently focuses on wireless microphones for ENG, EFP, and Studio applications, as well as Hi-Resolution Microphones for Recording Studio use. Andy is based out of Sony's Paramus, NJ office.

Professional Mirrorless

Date: Tuesday November 13th at 4PM and Wednesday November 14th at 1PM

Presented by: Andre Pichette

Explore fast action, sports and news photography with Montreal based Photojournalist Andre Pichette as he journeys further into the Sony Mirrorless system and away from DSLR for his daily work as a newspaper staff photographer. Andre was an early adapter to mirrorless and uses the system for coverage of the Montreal Canadiens, the CFL and world news. Published around the world in newspapers and magazines like the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Canadian Press, Reuters and Sports Illustrated, Andre's discussion will get you started on your own journey into mirrorless photography no matter what genre of photography you're interested in, whether you're a seasoned pro, or just starting out.

About Andre Pichette

For almost a quarter of a century, Montreal photographer Andre Pichette has thrilled Canadians with images of the leading personalities in a wide range of Olympic and professional sports.To savour the visual impact of Andre's favourite images, please visit his website at

Students on Ice 2018: Documenting a transformational Arctic journey

Date: Tuesday November 13th at 5PM and Wednesday November 14th at 4PM

Presented by: Garry Tutte/Nicholas Castrel

Last summer, the award-winning organization, Students on Ice, sailed along western Greenland to the Canadian High Arctic with more than 100 students from around the world. It was an inspiring and immersive learning journey that connected youth to the Arctic and to the challenges we face as a global society. Our media team leveraged state-of-the-art Sony and Vistek gear to capture the journey as it unfolded and showcase the incredible beauty of the Arctic, its people, and the indelible impact the journey had on the expedition team. This presentation will speak to the experience capturing each action-packed day through considerable ice and varying weather conditions, and illustrate the remarkable footage captured throughout the journey.

Garry Tutte
About Garry Tutte

Garry is a documentary filmmaker based in Toronto, Canada. He has worked in over 50 countries, chasing the stories and imagery that inspire others to get out and experience the world first-hand. His past exploits include documenting an absurd car rally across the Sahara Desert in a used $500 vehicle, working as a content producer on Mount Everest, and leading the media team aboard the Canada C3 expedition as they produced real-time content while circumnavigating Canada's entire coastline via the famed Northwest Passage.

About Nicholas Castel

Nicholas is an emerging creative based in Ottawa Canada. With an innately curious spirit and passion for solving problems, Nicholas has built a colourful documentary film portfolio spanning outdoor adventure, truth and reconciliation, education and conservation. A firm believer that the most important stories of our time are those that reconcile our natural and cultural worlds, Nicholas's work has taken him around the world, notably Inuit Nunangat, the Northwest Territories, Greenland and British Columbia.

Nicholas Castel


Tuesday November 13 | SONY SCHEDULE
11:00AM - 11:50AM Alister Chapman Shooting The Extreme
1:00PM-1:50PM John Banovich Production solutions
2:00PM - 2:50PM Chris Dodds Bird and Wildlife Photography with Sony Mirrorless system
3:00PM - 3:50PM Andy Munitz Sony Wireless Mics and Spectrum Update
4:00PM - 4:50PM Andre Pichette Professional Mirrorless
5:00PM - 5:50PM Garry Tutte/Nicholas Castrel Students on Ice 2018: Documenting a transformational Arctic journey
Wednesday November 14th | SONY SCHEDULE
11:00AM - 11:50AM Alister Chapman Shooting The Extreme
12:00PM - 12:50PM John Banovich Production solutions
1:00PM - 1:50PM Andre Pichette Professional Mirrorless
2:00PM - 2:50PM Andy Munitz Sony Audio
3:00PM - 3:50PM Chris Dodds Bird and Wildlife Photography with Sony Mirrorless system
4:00PM - 4:50PM Garry Tutte/Nicolas Castrel Students on Ice 2018: Documenting a transformational Arctic journey

What people say About us

  • I've done far too many dealer trade shows over the past 20+ years, but I've done enough of them to know what a tremendous effort it requires to do one properly. You and your team have done it properly. It was organized with surgical precision, and we had plenty of help when we needed it. Thank you for your efforts and your support. I am looking forward to the mutual benefit ProFusion will bring us both.

    Len Donovan

    Key Accounts Manager NE and SE, Camera Dynamics, Inc.,The Vitec Group Videocom Division
  • I can honestly say I think it was probably the best run show that I have ever been involved with. We also had some fantastic interest in our product and sold out the show stock several times which was phenomenal for us.

    Rod Aaron Director, Rotolight, Pinewood Studios

  • I have received about 20 letters from students who took one of my programs and all of them were extremely positive. The entire experience was exceptional and you can definitely count me in again for next year.

    Seth Resnick Seminar presenter and photographer