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New Technology on the Horizon-Sony Talks HDR

Presented by: Hugo Gaggioni
Wednesday 13 | 6:00pm-6:45pm - Sony Booth

Seminar Overview

Sony's CTO for the Professional Solutions Group, Hugo Gaggioni, discusses the SR Live system, which creates simultaneous HDR and SDR programs in the highest picture quality while respecting existing production and operational practices.

About Hugo Gaggioni

Hugo Gaggioni is Chief Technology Officer for the Professional Solutions Americas group of Sony Electronics and hold six patents and authorized 32 technical publications in the areas of video compression, digital filter banks and HDTV devices and systems. With research interests ranging from digital video and image processing and information theory to video/audio compression and multidimensional signal processing, Hugo has served as session-chairman of 13 international conferences in the areas of HDTV and bandwidth compression systems. He has also given numerous presentations and tutorial courses on signal processing and advanced video technologies at international events sponsored by SMPTE, IEEE, and Eurasip organizations.

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