ProFusion Presentations

The art of photographing the family pet

Presented by: Karen Weiler
Wednesday 13 | 11:30am - 12:30pm and Thursday 14 | 2:30pm-3:30pm - Profoto Booth

Seminar Overview

Pets have taken their place in society as full-fledged family members and more and more people want more than just a cell phone shot. But, how do you work with subjects who do not pose, do not speak the same language and like to move? Karen will discuss the keys to capture the expression, personality and lighting to create the perfect portrait of man's best friend.

About Karen Weiler

Karen Weiler is an award-winning pet portrait and commercial animal photographer. She combines her photographic talent with a knack for developing an instant relationship with her furry models to create beautiful portraits that bring out their personality. Karen believes that when it comes to loving dogs or cats, even the distracted and independent ones, there is no reason to choose. An avid traveller-53 countries and counting-she photographs animals around the world but calls Toronto home. In her spare time, Karen photographs homeless animals looking for their forever homes and donates her photography services to multiple animal rescue groups.

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